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This is our Policy which sets out the terms of our Free Places Policy.  

Please read this Policy in full before contacting My Green Prescription to enquire about our Free Place.

To be considered eligible for a Free Place for one of the activities organised or hosted by My Green Prescription, you must be nominated by one of the local village charities, by My Green Prescription or be a worker on our frontline health services. Get in touch at if you think you meet our criteria. 

For each activity sold by My Green Prescription Limited, we offer one Free Place to someone who is living in the local community and one free place to someone working on our frontline health  services.    

Although the Free Place is ‘free’ to the attendee (i.e. there is no charge), My Green Prescription bear the cost of providing this Free Place.  

Our partners may also choose to offer a Free or Complimentary place for their activities.  This is at their absolute discretion and any Free Place is subject to this Free Place Policy as well as their own terms and conditions and cancellation policies. 

The purpose of our Free Place offer is to provide a complimentary place to someone in our local community to engage in an activity they may otherwise not be able to afford.


The local community area for our Primary Venue is Bletchingley, Surrey.

Bletchingley village boundary is shown in this map (opens a new window to the Bletchingley village website):

If our local Free Place allocation has not been filled, we will open up the Free Place to our neighbouring villages at Nutfield, Godstone and Merstham (‘the neighbouring villages’). 

If you live within Bletchingley, or alternatively the neighbouring villages if our Free Place has not been filled, to qualify for our Free Place you must meet the following criteria:

1.    You have lived in Bletchingley village (or the neighbouring villages) for 12 months or more and provide evidence to support this to My Green Prescription (a historic utility bill or you are on the published electoral register); and 

2.    You are a member of a low income household and are in receipt of any of the low income benefits (such as income based support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, free school meals etc) and provide evidence of the same by way of a Job Centre, Council, School or Department of Work and Pensions letter dated within the last three months; or

3.    You are ill, disabled or elderly and are in receipt of state benefits such as; attendance allowance, personal independence payments or winter fuel allowance etc.  Alternatively, you are a state funded carer for any person who is ill, disabled or elderly and are in receipt of state benefits such as carer’s allowance; and provide evidence of the same by way of a state approved letter dated within the last three months; or

4.    You have volunteered to help My Green Prescription Limited on site at the woodland and have spent 5 hours or more of your time doing so in any 30 day period.  If you spend 15 hours volunteering for My Green Prescription, you are eligible to put yourself forward for two free places in any 12 month period. 

5.    You must be able to provide evidence of your identification in support of any written letter you give to My Green Prescription confirming benefits.  

6.    If you are a child/dependent of a household in receipt of benefits, then we will request that you provide evidence of being related to the person who is in receipt of the benefits.

7.    By submitting any confirmation of being in receipt of benefits to My Green Prescription, you authorise us to contact the relevant department to verify the accuracy of the contents of any benefits. 

8.    The maximum number of Free Places per person in any 12 month period, between January and December in any year, is two.

9.    The Free Place allocation per activity is on a first come first serve basis and subject to availability.  

10.    If the Free Place has already been filled for a particular activity in any given week or month, you will either be:

10.1.     With the exception of our bushcraft courses and our special woodland dining, you will be offered the next available space for that activity; or

10.2.    You will be offered an alternate choice of activity.

10.3.    For our bushcraft courses and our special woodland dining you will be invited to reapply at the start of the next month those activities are being hosted.

11.    The offer of a Free Place is at the absolute discretion of My Green Prescription.  

For any enquiries regarding our Free Place please contact:

Sponsor our Free Place or our Annual Community Event!

Our Free Places and our Annual Community event are funded by a percentage of our ticket sales.  

If you would you like to sponsor one or more of our free places in return for advertising on our website, we would love to hear from you!

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